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544 - 9198 • 435 Marsh St., Downtown San Luis Obispo

Independently Owned Since 1978 Honda & Acura Specialists Servicing All Japanese Brands


"Customer service"

"If you have a Honda, you should be getting it serviced here. We have owned three Honda Accords and bought our Acura MDX based on recommendations from Landis. I've been most impressed by Landis's customer service and their willingness to accommodate me, to work around my schedule instead of making me work around theirs. The quality of the work and the prices are great, and they're great overall people. We've referred lots of people to Landis."

Pete Boonisar

"I trust them"

"I've been going to Landis since 1996 when I bought my first Honda, and I trust them with my life. Damian and his crew are very honest, and whatever they say, I do. When it was time to sell my Honda, I bought an Acura just so I could keep going to them! It's like finding a hairdresser -- when you find a good one, you don't let them go. I can't say anything bad about Landis."

Linda L.

"Experience I trust"

"I never have to worry that I will pay for repairs I don't need or not have a service that I do need for my Honda Accord. Damian and his crew have the experience I trust"

Mike Lee

"Attention to detail"

"I've been most impressed with two things about Landis. One, their attention to detail -- a lot of times you turn your car into a repair place, they keep it for a couple days, and you get it back and have no idea what they've done and you find that they've missed things. Landis isn't like that, they really keep you informed about what's going on and they get everything right. Two, their prices are lower than a lot of the other places I've tried in the past. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else."

Scott Rosensteel

"I'm a happy customer"

"I started taking my Honda to Landis over 10 years ago, and now we take the agency's cars there. Landis is good at doing just the work you need; with some other shops mysterious problems always seem to pop up, but not at Landis. The guys are very conscientious. I'm a happy customer."

Jill Bolster-White

"Quality care"

"The phrase the most comes to mind with Landis is 'quality care.' To me, that means that they're honest, willing to work hard, and conscientious. They're unique in treating all customers as if they had a personal relationship with them, so that quality care is available for everyone. Damian's not only willing to put in the effort and to charge reasonable prices for his work, but he's also willing to go way beyond in terms of service."

Doug Costa

"I value them"

"I started as a customer at Landis when I was a student in 1987. I had a series of used Hondas, and I know very little about mechanical things. Landis was always able to keep my cars running without ever taking advantage of my lack of knowledge. As I've gotten older and my family has grown, we've stayed with Hondas and Acuras in part so that we could stay with Landis. I value them and continue to refer friends all the time."

Al Eschenbach

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